Nether Portal Calculator [ Minecraft Linking Distance Finder]​

How Minecraft Portal Calculator Works

Nether Portals are structures that are automatically generated that allow a player to travel between two of the dimensions: Overworld and Nether. Here is an intelligent calculator that allows for the placement of portals accurately at the proper coordinates in the Overworld and Nether dimensions.

Nether Portal Calculator For Minecraft

The Nether is good for speeding up a journey in the overworld, when you discover how fun Minecraft is! There’s a trick though: You have to pair your gates. Using this calculator, you’ll be able to do that.

Wrong Return Gate?

It’s common to appear in a place you weren’t expecting when stepping through a portal if you’re in a world with others using the nether.

Once, by stepping through a portal for someone else’s gate room I appeared in their home at XYZ. I understood nothing when I got back through, and I was standing in a room blown to pieces by some creeper, it was dark, and I didn’t recognize anything. I fell into a chasm while trying to find my gate while I was panting and panicking and ended up dying, so I scrambled around, trying to avoid phantoms and angry mob babies.

Building a gate becomes easier if you have your XYZ coordinates available when building it, along with flint and obsidian to assure a return gate (if needed). To avoid getting attacked or burned by lava flows or a fall, I build a quick enclosure around each new gate as I make my way into the nether.

When I get my XYZ back in place, I review my XYZ to see if I should explore different portals in order to build my own.

I usually use that same trick even in places where I am on my own, so that I can locate where my gates are when I am mapping what is overworld to my nether-highway.

Calculator to translate between the overworld and the nether

Based on the position of the gate, the calculator provided coordinates based on its rotation. While performing the calculations mentally, I thought plugging in might be helpful and provide proof that my calculations made sense. Building a calculator with JavaScript and HTML might be a fun little project for me as a web developer


  1. Place the portal frame without lighting it on the Overworld.
  2. Look at the frame on the F3 screen and find the coordinates (X, Y, Z) of the frame. Keep in mind the way you walk as well when entering the portal. (We’ll need this to control the transition from the Overworld to the Nether).
  3. The X, Y, and Z you determined in Step 2 should go into the “Overworld coords” calculator.
  4. In the right column will appear the Nether coordinates for the portal (“Nether coords”).
  5. Get through the portal by lighting it.
  6. Step 3 gives you the coordinates you need.
  7. You should replace that block by a block made from obsidian.
  8. Use the F3 screen to face the same direction you pointed in step 2.
  9. You can now build a Nether portal in the base by replacing a block behind you with an obsidian block.
  10. You will have to finish building the Nether portal and light it.
  11. You need to destroy/disable the Nether portal you first came down, and then you can escape.
  12. You’re now back in the Overworld, so you need to build another portal there.
  13. Your Nether portals should now have been linked correctly.


  • The number of portals you can link up is unlimited, there is no limit.
  • It is best to align the portals correctly to prevent linking issues, but they don’t have to be precisely aligned.
  • In the Overworld a portal pointing to the Nether could make a player enter the Overworld via a portal pointing to the Overworld. You can connect portals in the Overworld or the Nether within a 1024 block radius.
  • By swapping Overworld and Nether, you can start in the Nether.
  • It’s okay to ignore the decimal and round the numbers down when getting the coordinates from the F3 screen.
  • Building portals near the Overworld build limit will result in them being near the ceiling in the Nether.
  • A 3D distance calculator is also available for calculating the distance between Nether Portals in addition to the Nether Portal Calculator.

It didn’t work? Sometimes the gates don’t line up the way you expect. If that happens, you may need to do more research to find out why it isn’t working properly. There have been times when I have encountered this problem, but it happens so infrequently I have stepped into a new gate in the process.