1.3.4 Practice: Living in a Democracy Answers?

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1.3.4 Practice: Living in a Democracy Answers

1. Criterion U.S. government

a. Who has power-Democracy

b. How much power-Authoritarian

c. Where power is located-Unified or Central

d. How power is distributed-Presidential

2. The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is when a country has a democracy the people have a say so in what goes on in the country. Also with a democracy the leader is chosen by the people.

When a country has a dictatorship the people really don’t have a say so in what goes on in the country. The dictator just takes over the country and does what they want without the peoples say.

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3. I don’t think that a direct democracy would be better for the United States because the people of the united states would have less say so over things that occur in our country.

4. Desirable: If we lived under anarchy we could so whatever we wanted to do without being punished.

Bad: Anarchy is complete chaos because if we had no government and no laws people would do things that we consider bad like murder with no fear of being punished.

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5. A. They would impair our military and its actions.

B. Confederacies would lead to chaos.

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