1. Nearly all light that strikes a(n) object will pass through it.?

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  1. Identify the following as electromagnetic (E) or mechanical (M) waves.

sound waves

water waves

radio waves

ultraviolet waves

waves in a wheat field

  1. All waves consist of some sort of __ that transmits energy.





  1. The energy of an electromagnetic wave is related to its amplitude.



  1. Light can travel through a medium, but it does not require a medium.



  1. Longitudinal waves cannot travel through a vacuum.



  1. During wave motion, the motion of particles to one side of the rest position will be the motion to the other side of the rest position.

Greater than

Less than

Same as

  1. The period of a mechanical wave is 5 seconds. What is the frequency of the wave?

10 Hz

2.5 Hz

0.2 Hz

depends on the speed of the wave

  1. A wave travels down the length of a 25-meter rope in 5.0 seconds. The speed of the wave is _____.

5.0 m/s

0.2 m/s

125 m/s

25 m/s

  1. A certain wave has a wavelength of 35 meters and a frequency of 4.0 Hz. What is the speed of the wave?

8.8 m/s

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31 m/s

39 m/s

140 m/s

  1. According to the law of reflection, _____.

when two waves meet, they reflect

when two waves meet, they interfere

when a wave meets a boundary, the angle of the reflected wave is equal to the angle of the incident wave

when a wave meets a boundary, the angle of the refracted wave will be equal to the angle of the incident wave

  1. Wave A has an amplitude of 2, and wave B has an amplitude of 2. What will happen when the crest of wave A meets the trough of wave B?

They will interfere to create a crest with an amplitude of 0.

They will interfere to create a crest with an amplitude of 2.

They will interfere to create a crest with an amplitude of 4.

They will bounce off each another.

  1. Select all that apply.

There is no sound in the vacuum of space. Why?

Sound must travel through something that vibrates.

There is no energy in space.

There is no air to vibrate the human eardrum.

Space is too full of light energy.

  1. How long would it take for a sound impulse to travel through a copper rod 25 kilometers long?
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0.071 sec

0.14 sec

7.1 sec

140 sec

  1. Sound will travel fastest in air at _____.





  1. A bumblebee buzzes past you at 3 m/s. The frequency of the hum made by its wings is 152 Hz. Assume the speed of sound to be 342 m/s. What is the observed frequency of the hum as the bumblebee approaches you?

155 Hz

153 Hz

150 Hz

149 Hz

  1. An “F” tuning fork with a frequency of 349 Hz is used to test the “F” note of a piano. Three beats are heard. This means the piano key is _____.

in tune

out of tune and has a frequency of 352 Hz

out of tune and has a frequency of 346 Hz

out of tune and has a frequency of either 346 or 352 Hz

  1. If the fundamental frequency of a musical instrument is 22 Hz, what is the frequency of the second harmonic?

11 Hz

22 Hz

33 Hz

44 Hz

  1. A object is placed in front of a convex mirror. The image that forms is .



  1. White light is shining on a green g ɾąքҽ . The g ɾąքҽ _____.
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absorbs green light

reflects green light

reflects all colors of light except green

transmits green light

  1. A lens is used in a magnifying glass.



  1. The object distance for a concave lens is 8.0 cm, and the image distance is 12.0 cm. The height of the object is 4.0 cm. What is the height of the image?

0.50 cm

2.7 cm

18 cm

6.0 cm

Answer as many as you feel like.

Thank you.

2 Answers

  • 1. Transparent

    1. M, M, E, E, M

    2. C

    3. False

    4. True

    5. True

    6. The same as

    7. C

    8. A

    9. D

    10. C

    11. A

    12. A, C

    13. C

    14. D

    15. B

    16. D

    17. D

    18. Virtual

    19. B

    20. Convex

    22. D

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