1. What is the name for the parts of a picture that your eyes are drawn to?

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1. What is the name for the parts of a picture that your eyes are drawn to? (Select the best answer.) (Points : 5)

Asymmetrically balanced areas

Highlight areas

Areas of focus


2. An image’s resolution is measured in __________. (Select the best answer.) (Points : 5)

Pixels per inch

Points per inch

Dots per centimeter


3. Optimization is a balance between _________ and _________. (Select the best answer.) (Points : 5)

Resolution and pixels

Hue and saturation

Image resolution and file size

JPEGs and GIFs

4. If you are using the Paintbrush Tool and want to change the color of the paint being used, what should you change? (Select the best answer.) (Points : 5)

The bucket color

The saturation

The foreground color

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The background color

5. Which tool can fill in large areas with color quickly? (Select the best answer.) (Points : 5)

The Crop Tool

The Colorize Tool

The Background Tool

The Bucket Fill Tool

Please help there was 20 questions and i only needs help on these 5 question thank you to whom helps me

First Off snolaura u have no frecken idea how many questions i had and yes i did have 5 and for ur info it was an exam i had to do so there was a lop of questions so dont say anything to something u dont even now

and thank u to the person who helped me 🙂

3 Answers

  • Liar, I have the exact same quiz theres only 5 questions.

  • i didn’t expect such a long question, lol.

    1) “Areas of focus” or as i was taught “point of focus”

    2) Pixels per inch

    3) Not too sure on this one, i’m feeling like its “Image resolution and file size”

    4) i think its “The foreground color” just because the bucket has nothing to do with the paintbrush, and the other points don’t relate.

    5) The Bucket Fill Tool

    Source(s): traditional illustrator & b.a. in digital animation
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