10POINTSPLEASEHELP!!!Which of the following molecules does not display resonance?

Which of the following molecules does not display resonance?

A. phenylethane

B. cyclohexane

C. benzene

D. m-xylene

Which structural feature is found in most unsaturated hydrocarbons and never in a saturated hydrocarbon?

W. a double or triple covalent bond

X. a single covalent bond

Y. a branched carbon chain

Z. bonds between carbon and hydrogen atoms

What is the structural formula of cyclobutane?

A. C4H8

B. C4H10O

C. C4H10

D. C4H6

A chemical reaction adds a benzene ring to the third carbon of hexane. What hydrocarbon is formed?

W. 3-propylhexane

X. 3-propylbenzene

Y. 3-phenylbenzene

Z. 3-phenylhexane

What is the simplest straight-chain alkane?

A. methane

B. graphite

C. ethane

D. ammonia

Which of the following is not a fraction obtained from crude oil?

W. gasoline

X. kerosene

Y. natural gas

Z. ammonia

Compared with saturated hydrocarbons, an unsaturated carbon has _____ ratio of hydrogen atoms to carbon atoms.

A. a higher

B. a lower

C. an equal

The relationship between two optical isomers is most like the relationship between _____.

W. a bare hand and a gloved hand

X. an open hand and a closed fist

Y. a man’s hand and a woman’s hand

Z. a left hand and a right hand

The molecular formula of pentane is C5H12. Which is the molecular formula of an isomer of pentane?

A. C5H12O

B. C5H12

C. C5H10

D. C4H10

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  • Very simple Mr. Big 🙂

    B, W, C, Z, C, X, B, Z, B

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