110cm is what in inches?

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  • well there are 2.54 cm in a inch

    so 110 / 2.54

    then U get 43.3070866141

  • Lissenup! Learn how to convert any units:

    The conversion factor is 1 inch=2.54centimeters

    Note that a conversion factor is a statement of equivalence, that 1in=2.54cm is the SAME as 2.54cm=1in. So either the fraction (2.54cm/1in) or the fraction (1in/2.54cm) is the same. And the value of that fraction is one, so you can multiply it by anything without messing up.

    So here you multiply 110cm*(1in/2.54cm)

    centimeters cancel and you are left with (110/2.54)in or 43.3 in

    There are only 2 significant figures in 110 so if this is a FINAL answer you should round to 43 in. If there are more calculations, keep all the precision you can(don’t round off, keep that string of decimals), preferably waiting until the end to evaluate (110/2.54)

  • I would like to point out that if you’re going to be a stickler for significant digits, the answer is 43, not 43.3. 110 has only 2 significant digits, since a 0 only counts as a significant digit if: a) it is between 2 significant digits, or b) it is at the end of the number and to the right of the decimal place.

  • 1 inch is exactly equal to 2.54 cm. Therefore, multiply:

    110cm x 1 inch /2.54cm = 43.307 inches —> 43.31 inches

    rounded up

  • Approximately 43.3070866 inches.

  • There are exactly 2.54 cm in one inch.

    So there are 43.30708661417323 inches in 110 cm. Or 43.3, if you’re going to be a stickler for significant digits.

    Source(s): The ridiculously high precision answer was supplied by Python.
  • 43.3070866 inches

  • 43.307 inches

  • about 48.88

  • 43.307087

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