“2024 Social Security Payments: Eligibility and Payment Dates”

Social Security Checks Increase for Beneficiaries in 2023 and 2024

In 2023, Social Security beneficiaries experienced the largest monthly check boost in decades, with a nearly 9% increase. However, in 2024, the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will be much lower at just 3.2%. The December 2023 payment will not include a COLA rise, and the increase in 2023 will only be available to beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income.

Although the January 2024 Social Security checks will be valued at $1,907, they will actually be replaced on December 29. Retirees may receive their new checks as early as January 3 or as late as January 24.

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Who is Eligible for $1,907 Social Security Checks in January 2024?

"2024 Social Security Payments: Eligibility and Payment Dates"

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you will see a 3.2% increase in your reimbursements in 2024. The maximum monthly SSI payout will increase from $914 to $943 for individuals and from $1,371 to $1,415 for couples.

When Will You Receive $1,907 Social Security Checks in 2024?

Social Security payments will increase by 3.2% in January 2024, with the average monthly payout going from $1,848 to $1,907. Some retirees may receive even higher amounts. The first enhanced Social Security payout will be received in January, as benefits are paid the month after they are due.

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If you started receiving benefits before May 1997, your average payment will be $1,907 on January 3. However, some retirees may receive smaller payouts depending on their prior income and work history. Those on SSI will start receiving retirement benefits on January 3 and SSI benefits on December 29.

Other Social Security Changes in 2024

In addition to the 3.2% increase, there will be further changes in Social Security payments in 2024. The specifics of these changes are not provided in the given information.


Social Security beneficiaries will see a 3.2% increase in their payments in January 2024, with the average monthly payout rising to $1,907. Supplemental Security Income recipients will also receive a 3.2% increase in their reimbursements. The specific dates for receiving these payments vary, ranging from January 3 to January 24. Overall, these adjustments aim to provide support to individuals receiving Social Security benefits.