533 million Facebook users phone numbers and personal data have been leaked. Should we change our password and mail for security?

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7 Answers

  • privacy is a myth you know?

  • Leave it forever for good. There are plenty of other much better options there. They sell the data anyway no matter how many times we change details. They were keep chasing us no matter whether we were logged in or not (WhatsApp’s) buyout was for a reason so was Tinder and Insta’s as they are all owned by Zuck. 

  • Better yet,hold Facebook accountable and sue.

  • Only necessary to change your password.

    Mark Zuckerberg was one of the unfortunate victims of the leak. 

  • So glad I got rid of Facebook and deleted my acccount 2 years ago.  I dont miss it at all.

  • Leaked accidentally on purpose.

    EVERYTHING you post on ANY social media is being distributed around the world to ANYONE who wants it.

  • naaaaah… you were leaking that data anyways just by having an account. you know Facebook sells the data to the highest bidding companies, right?

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