a chemistry question on gases!?

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The diagram shows two flasks connected by a stop c̫o̫ςκ. Flask A contains helium gas. Flask B contains a vacuum. What final volume will the gas occupy after the stopc̫o̫ςκ is open?





flask A: He(g) 100 mL

flask B: vacuum 300 mL

yahoo answers won’t let me write stopc*ck even though it is a chemistry term… so thats the rets of the info

please help! thank you

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  • Lancenigo di Villorba (TV), Italy

    400 ml.

    Starting from a well-known statement

    “…gas is a matter-state having not proper volume or proper shape…”

    you understand that Helium flows toward the empty flask (B) and it occupy the container.

    So, Helium as any gas results shared among all containers : FINAL VOLUME IS THE GLOBAL ONE.

    I hope this helps you.

  • The final volume would be the sum of the two containers, in this case 500ml. The reason for this is that gas occupies all he spaces within a container. Once the stopc̫o̫ςκ is open the gas distributes between both containers, filling them both (this is the concept of diffusion, going from an area of high concentration to low concentration until the substance is equally distributed).

    Source(s): Highschool Chemistry
  • This question belongs to science / alternative / extrasensorial perception. Or the diagram is missing.

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