A farmer is using a rope and pulley to lift a bucket of water from the bottom of a well that is hy = 11 m deep.?

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The farmer uses a force F1 = 59 N to pull the bucket of water directly upwards. The total mass of the bucket of water is mb + mw = 3.7 kg.

Calculate how much work Wf in J the farmer does on the bucket of water (via the rope) to raise it to ground level.

Calculate how much work Wg in J gravity does on the bucket filled with water as the farmer lifts it up the well.

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Calculate the net work Wnet in J done on the bucket of water by the two forces F1 and Fg.

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  • (3.5kg x g) = 36.26N. (9.8 used for g).

    Work done by farmer = (fd) = 59 x 11 = Wf of 649 Joules.

    Work done by gravity = (36.26 x 11) = Wg of 398.86 Joules.

    Net work done = (649 – 398.86) = 250.14 Joules.

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