a.Find p1, the gauge pressure at the bottom of tube 1. (Gauge pressure is the pressure in excess of outside?

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atmospheric pressure) & Find v1, the speed of the fluid in the left end of the main pipe.Express your answer in terms of h1, h2, g, and either A1 and A2 or gamma, which is equal to A1/A2. the picture is below


anyone help me on this? i can’t figure it out. thank you.

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  • In this problem, there is no elevation change. From the principle of energy conservation, Bernoulli’s equation says that p + 0.5*ρ*v^2 is a constant anywhere on the middle of streamline. That means: p1 + 0.5*ρ*v1^2 = p2 + 0.5*ρ*v2^2

    or: p1 – p2 = ρ*g*(h1 – h2) = 0.5*ρ*(v2^2 – v1^2)

    = 0.5*ρ*v1^2*((v2/v1)^2 – 1)

    = 0.5*ρ*v1^2*((A1/A2)^2 – 1) <since A1*v1=A2*v2>

    Hence when p2 is set to be at atmospheric pressure (outside), p1 = ρ*g*(h1 – h2).

    and: v1^2 = 2*g*(h1 – h2)/((A1/A2)^2 – 1)

    or: v1 = sqrt{2*g*(h1 – h2)/((A1/A2)^2 – 1)}

    where sqrt{} means the square root of {}.

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  • p1 = rho *g *h1

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