A good title for my anti-death penalty paper?

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Don’t get all “we need the death penalty” on me. My teacher has my class picking a topic, and writing from both sides so I have already written the pro paper, I called it the death penalty a necessary evil. What is a good title for my Anti Death Penalty paper?

Oh Steven, I don’t believe that I had a BAD title for my paper, I believe that killing someone is an act of evil, and in the case of capital punishment it is a necessary one.

I didn’t ask for your opinion on my old paper, I asked for your opinion on my NEW paper.. stay on topic please =)

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  • Without knowing what you wrote, it’s pretty hard to answer. The only titles I could say are appropriate for sure are ones along the lines of “Why the Death Penalty is Bad” and “My Anti-Death Penalty Paper.”

    A general title would be “The Death Penalty Isn’t Worth It.” That could apply to a financial argument and an argument about ethics.

    “Don’t Bet Their Life On It” would work if you’re focusing on the flaws and potential for mix-ups.

    “Revenge Isn’t Justice” works if you’re questioning the motivation/rationale behind the death penalty. Really, though, we need to know what you’re saying if you want the title to make sense.

  • Don’t be against the death penalty becasue it’s immoral, be against the death penalty because it’s ineffective and ridiculously expensive. The death penalty would be a great deterrent if the people that committed the variety of crimes that get you sent to death row actually believed that they would be caught. If you figure that you’re going to get away with it… why worry about a lethal injection? No one who’s on the row ever thought about ending up there while they were committing the multiple murders, ɾąքҽ s, etc. In addition, it actually costs more money to sentence someone to death than it does to put them in jail for the rest of their lives. With the individual cells, individual guards, individual meals, individual excercise time, etc., combined with the lengthy and mandatory appeals process that must be followed, the cost of killing someone becomes astronomical; not to mention the agony that puts the victim’s family through. If you want an alternative, the sad answer is that there really isn’t any. The death penalty doesn’t work because criminals don’t think that they’ll get caught, and prison doesn’t work because it’s based on the idea of rehabilitation; in order to rehabilitate someone whoever, you’re assuming that the individual started off being habilitated (i.e. normal). If they weren’t, which is the case with most of them, you’re just sending them to convict school to become better and more dangerous criminals. The only way to decrease crime is to increase quality of life, which is a whole seperate problem. Moral stances are great, but there is a real, logical breakdown in the ideology behind such a punishment. Hit your teacher with that arguement against the death penalty and watch their eyes pop out of their head.

  • The Death Penalty. An Unnecessary Evil.


    Rough Justice.

  • Death Penalty Paper

  • You have a BAD title for the pro-death penalty paper. Calling the death penalty ‘evil’ is arguing against it. “The ONLY punishment that fits the crime” is a better title.

    For the anti-death penalty paper, try something like “Killing is murder, regardless of the reason.”

  • Mercy Me. . .

    Many people who are typically against the death penalty use “Mercy” and “forgiveness” as their reason to oppose it.

    I agree with the other writer, too, that “a necessary evil” is actually an argument against and not for.

  • “Let Them out to Kill Some More” or Why keep Feeding and Housing Them.

    “the Life and Times of a Reformed Psycho Killer” by Geoffrey Dalmer

  • “Legal Murder” or “The Death Penalty: Murder in our Prisons”. also your first title is good so see if you can think of a way to spin it around.

  • Call it

    “North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and the United States of America.”

    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_of_capital_punish…

  • Something like, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind….play on that maybe.

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