a good way for remembering your your newest contacts name is to?

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1. write it on your hand

2. make up a jingle for it

3. rember it in your head

could more people respond i’m leaning toards #3 but have heard of people that write it on here hand but didn’t know if it was appropiate! thanks for your help

3 Answers

  • Three step process:

    1. Repeat it (“Hi, John, great to meet you!”)

    2. Relate it (think of something it relates to… someone else you know with that name, a sports figure you like, the name of a street… whatever! Example: You meet someone named Morris Turnbull, you can relate it to Morris the Cat, and make a picture in your head of a bull turning in circles)

    3. Repeat it again! (“So, John, do you live around here?”)

  • Use it!

    As soon as you’re introduced, or you meet them for the first time make sure to address them by their name!

    that helps to remember it!

  • write it on your trousers zip

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