a love anime like suzuka ? but with real ending?

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i would like to know a goood romance anime like suzuka or any type of anime like that but i would like to see it end( like in the manga) not like they just left it off on suzuka in the middel that makes me mad so if you know any thats good from start to finish tell me sub or dub i watch both

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  • OMG ! i LOVEEED Suzuka lol. try Peach Girl and School Rumble !!! 😉 School Rumble’s ending was … kinda discontinued though :/ …but you still gotta see it ! im sure you’ll love the storys with these 2 animes. I would name more but apparentally i only watched 3 animes which is Peach Girl, Suzuka, and School Rumble xD but i heard Ouran High School Host Club was good too .. and Shuffle

    Good Luck 😀

    Source(s): i watched those ! 😀
  • Air!

  • toradora!! subbed

    zero no tsukami – subbed (first season Dubbed)

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