A molecule with the formula AB3 has a trigonal pyramidal geometry.?

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How many electron groups are on the central atom (A)?

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  • the answer is four. Its sp3 hybrid. AB3 means you have one pair for the “A” and 3 pair for the “B”. 1+3=4 pairs

    good luck with the rest of yokoyama’s quiz

  • Actually the answers 3….

  • try not to focus on the trigonal planner cux that dose have 3 but the pyramidal you have to not only count the bouding pair you also have to count the lone pair of electrons

  • MoonlightStar1 is actually wrong 4 is the correct answer and thats what mastering chemistry takes as well.

  • MoonlightStar 1 is correct if you’re using Mastering Chemistry.

  • 4 electronpair(s)

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