A musical tone, sounded on a piano, has a frequency of 410 Hz and a wavelength in air of 0.800 m. What is the wave speed?

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2 Answers

  • This is from a previous Yahoo answer:

    You can find the wavelength of a sound wave of known frequency and velocity using the wave equation:

    v = f x lambda


    v = velocity (around 340 m/s for sound)

    f = frequency (Hz)

    lambda = wavelength (m)


    Since you know the frequency and wavelength you can multiply to get 410 * 0.8 = 328 meters/second

  • A wave with frequency of 410 Hz has 410 cycles each second. So the time of each of those cycles must be (1/410) seconds. How far did the wave travel in that time? 0.800 m.

    How do you get velocity out of that?

    v = distance / time =- 0.800 m / (1/410) s = 328 m/s

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