a sheriff came to my house?

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I was not there- but i know he did not leave anything on the door – like they normally would- what could this be for since he did not leave anything- like a note?? I have not been in any trouble so -idk? Got any ideaas?

Should I call them? And say that tthe neighbor told me they came by or just wait til he comes back?

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  • They could be coming to your house for many reasons. They do not always leave a note (each county does it differently) You should certainly call them. They could be coming by to check on you as a courtesy check by a friend or loved one. To talk to you about problems in the neighborhood. Just to name a few. Just because they come to your house does not mean they are trying to get you. Good Luck!

    Source(s): Worked at Sherriff’s Office while going to school
  • He may have been collecting for some charity. Most likely he has a legal document that has to be served in person and may not have wanted to put you on notice for some reason. Or he may not have been certain he had the right person at the right address. Since he didn’t show with a SWAT team, it’s not likely to be a serious criminal matter, more like an eviction notice or a deposition summons, or a small claims capias because you failed to show up in court. Call, or have a lawyer call.

  • Police go to a house for a variety of reasons too numerous to mention. However, if one single officer knocked on your door and left after getting no response, it couldn’t have been something too serious. If there was a warrant for your arrest, there would have been more than one officer there. The simplest way to know is to call their department and find out.

  • I would agree that you should call them for the peace of your own mind. At least that way, if it really was an officer who came to see you and needed something, you can possibly be of help.

  • You sound like a fine upstanding citizen, so do call and let them know you’d like to know why they were there…..no harm -no foul! And you’ll sleep easier knowing!

  • You sound like your guilty of something or you would not be asking this questions. Call them if you have nothing to hide.

  • He may have been scoping it out for a break in.

  • call them tats what ive would have done

  • You may have a secret admirer!

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  • Probably had a warrant for you.

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