A spaceship carrying rocks has __________.?

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less momentum than an empty spaceship

    the same amount of momentum as an empty spaceship

    more momentum than an empty spaceship

    no momentum

Which is the answer?

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  • if you are referring to kinetic energy as momentum and both ships are at the same speed then the ans is more.

    ps what is a jonas?

  • The formula for momentum (p) is: p=mv {momentum is equal to the mass times the velocity}

    If you increase the value of either mass or velocity, then momentum increases.

    Kinetic energy was mentioned in another answer. This also varies in direct proportion to the mass. However, kinetic energy varies with the square of the velocity: KE = 1/2 mv^2

    The answer is: more momentum than an empty spaceship.

    It’s an easy question if you just bear in mind what momentum is and how it works.

  • more momentum than an empty spaceship provided that both spaceships are traveling at the same speed. A bit misleading i see

  • I would think that it would be more momentum due to the larger weight. Similar to a train pulling more cars would take a longer time to stop than one with less cars. This is assuming they are traveling at the same speed…if they are not moving then it’s no momentum…

  • Given that momentum is defined as the product of invariant mass and velocity, eventually corrected by a Lorentz factor, all other things being equal a spaceship of greater mass will have more momentum than one of smaller mass.

    Source(s): High school physics
  • For my homies in k12

    1. Mass and acceleration

    2. More momentum than an empty space ship

    3. A bowling ball

    Source(s): I know struggle of catching up. Good luck. Don’t fall behind.
  • good

  • It’s more I think because of the weight, if there was none, there would be a different cause.

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