advantages and disadvantages of freedom of speech?

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Individual rights versus public order

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  • Advantages you are able to give your opinion and speak your mind , let people know exactly how you feel on the subject. But the diadvantages are that people will diagree quite alot leading to many upsets .

  • Advantages Of Freedom Of Speech

  • Advantage is that everyone has a right to air their views in an equal and uncountered culture, they can share these views and have an important dialogue with others that don’t agree and come to an agreement.

    Disadvantage – the BNP, The Nazi party, White supremacists, Extreme Terrorists – all of these people use freedom of speech to hide behind as an excuse for behaviour that is against freedom of speech.

  • advantage…….you can say what you think

    disadvantage….no you cant, ether someone will jump down your throat…..or you’ll get arrested….easy

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