Airwalk vs. Converse?

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I’d like to buy a pair of shoes that are Converse or converse-style.

Payless has Airwalks that are about $30, and they look a lot like Converses which I think would be at least $50. Would you go for the cheaper pair or the more expensive pair? Also, is there a difference comfort-wise?

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  • converse are better.

  • I have both and personally I’d go for the Convese. Convese are about $44 dollars so its not that big of a price difference from the Airwalks. I’ve had my Airwalks for a long time but my Converse are better quality and look better. They’ve stayed looking fresh this whole time while my airwalks are fine but didnt stay as nice as long, and honeslty didnt look quite as good to begin with.

  • More expensive last wayyyy longer than Airwalks- TJMaxx has cheap REAL converse like $25

  • I would never get airwalks. My navy blue converses were only $40 and they are so much better than airwalks! Defiantly spend the extra $10 and go for the converses! 🙂

  • Airwalks are really good. I own two pairs of the kicks and they are great. They are just as good as converse.

  • Used to have converse, now I prefer airwalk. It’s more comfortable. Thicker padding at the bottom and the foot shape isn’t as narrow. They both wear down the same for me, especially at the side of the toes where the feet bends.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    converse .. ive never seen airwalks b4.

  • i had airwalk styled converse once, they broke in the first week of me owing them. i didnt do anything extreme i went and hung out with my friends and walked around. they ꜱᴜcκ, now i use converse. 50$ is worth it.

  • converse are 30 dollars. Try going to a shoe warehouse thats where I get mine. And converse are probably the best shoe to walk on

  • i have those airwalks from payless

    they’re pretty much the same except for the label

    they say airwalk on the tongue and sole

    it gets kind of annoying when people know you have fakes

  • if you get converses frm an ebay shop then theyre new and also cheap (i got mine for £25 so about $30 ?)

    converse are incredibly comfy and allll different styles and theyre the origanal shoes!

    so id go with converse deffo!

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