algebra 2..?

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can someone explain the whole a, s, t, c or “all students take calculus” thing.

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  • Another popular mnemonic for this is:

    “All Strippers Take Cash”

    It’s a way to remember the letters A,S,T,C.

    If you put these letters in each of the quadrants of the cartesian plane (starting in quadrant I and proceeding counter-clockwise) you’ll know which trigonometic functions are positive in each quadrant.

    Quadrant I: A = All trig. functions are positive

    Quadrant II: S = Sine functions are positive

    Quadrant III: T = Tangent functions are positive

    Quadrant IV: C = Cosine functions are positive

  • All Students Take Calculus (ASTC) is a mnemonic in mathematics that is used to help people memorize the sign values of the trigonometric functions in the 2 dimensional Cartesian coordinate system. The letters ASTC signify the order of the trigonometric functions to which of the functions are positive, starting in the top right quadrant, and moving counter clockwise.

    In Quadrant I, A for All, all trigonometric functions are positive in this quadrant.

    In Quadrant II, S for Sine, sine functions are positive in this quadrant.

    In Quadrant III, T for Tangent, tangent functions are positive in this quadrant.

    In Quadrant IV, C for Cosine, cosine functions are positive in this quadrant.

    Another similar mnemonic is “A Smart Trig. Class” or more simply “CAST”.

  • starting from the top right quadrant going counterclockwise, it goes quadrant I,II,III and IV ending at the bottom right. the letters stand for what trig function is positive.

    A=all quadrant I

    S=sin Quadrant II

    T= tan Quadrant III

    C= cos Quadrant IV


  • it means if you don’t take caculus your gonna forget everything by the time you get to college, and you’re gonna have to take alg. II again…and that class ꜱᴜcκs cause im taking it as a freshmen…

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