Am i the only meat eater who doesn’t like steak?

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I’ve had steak before & find it pretty tasteless yet,Whenever i tell people this they always act like i’m some sort of freak,They tell me that steak is their favorite food & they would have it everyday if they could–I know we all have different taste buds but it seems like EVERYONE likes steak!-I have yet 2 find one person who didn’t like or love steak–Why???–Do you like steak?-Do you think it’s overrated?-Thanks!

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  • I’m not into steak. I think it’s tough and I don’t like the taste. I prefer turkey if I am going to have meat. Or cнιcκen. I get the same reaction when I say I’m not into steak. I get odd looks and told I’m weird because I don’t like it. To each their own though.. 🙂

    Source(s): Non steak fan. Lol
  • I don’t like steak at all either. I grew up eating steak for dinner about 3 times a week since it was my parents’ favorite food. I don’t care if I ever have steak again in my life, I’ve already had enough.

    (Oh, and to anyone who may just think it was my mom’s cooking, I’ve tried bites of different steaks at different upscale restaurants, and I still don’t care for it at all.)

  • I do like steak and would find it strange for someone not to like it and would wonder if it has something to do with the way it cooked and was seasoned.

    I have found many a steak that hasn’t been all that great mainly by the way it has been cooked.

  • I don’t think you’re the only one that doesn’t like steak. Personally, I don’t and it won’t matter if you don’t like it either. Everyone calls me a freak because I’m a 13 year old boy who loves oysters, but everyone has their own taste and opinion about food. To be honest, they shouldn’t really have called you a freak, and when you say EVERYONE, that’s sort of a lie.

    I thought everyone except me likes onions and capsicum or whatever, but see… we all have different opinions about food. Hope I’ve helped you.

  • You like it. You just haven’t had a good cut of steak cooked right. These inexpensive chains that pass off a chunk of cow is not steak. That’s this tasteless rubber you speak of.

  • I dont like steak or pork i think steak has a weird fatty taste I lone cнιcκen though

  • yes everyone else likes steak … i don’t know what is wrong with .

    actually maybe you aren’t eating good cuts or maybe you need to experiment with how rare you want it.

    I love steak, a lot, no a good steak is not overrated…. i like my steak blue, raw in the middle, or rare.

  • im not crazy about steak also

    i guess because in my house hold we don’t buy it much

    only have it when i go over to my uncles house who bbq’s his streak

    and its better when you bbq it but if it is cooked i don’t like it 🙂

    and p.s it is not overrated you have a choice to like it or not sweetie!

    the world is not going to end with you not liking it your fine!

    just find something that you like

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