Am I the only one that thinks eminem ꜱᴜcκs now?

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MTV Named him #1 MC, but not afraid, love the way you lie. People say Eminem is the best, Better than Nas, and 2pac(which i usually laugh at) but his new songs all ꜱᴜcκed compared to his old stuff, he cant even beat Lil Wayne anymore. He said 2 words in no love which is his song, he’s running out of things to say. The way i see it, he is only getting worse, and he has like one year left before people start listening to him.

I’m talking about mainstream, i do know about Immortal Technique, Nas, ect.

My bad, i meant stop listening to

u get tha point, non commercial rappers like SPM.

I didnt say Nas is underground, but he isnt mainstream

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  • Yes you are.

  • I agree. I loved his older stuff, especially the Marshall Mathers and slim Shady LP, but we haven’t seen the real slim shady stand up since 2006. He sold out just to stay on top, (but I think he can still beat Lil Wayne considering Lil Wayne uses autotune and ghostwriters)

  • After he released Encore i lost some respect for him

    Relapse went over the edge he tried to go back to his old ways but you could tell he was acting fake

    Recovery is straight up pop album so i lost every ounce of respect for him

    The only good Eminem stufff is his first three albums: The Slim Shady LP, The Marshal Mathers LP, and The Eminem show

  • Im a pretty нᴀʀᴅcoʀᴇ Em fan but I’ll admit that he is starting to ꜱᴜcκ now but on mtv’s hottest artists I would agree that he would be number one mainstream wise. I mean I would rather have Em at #1 over Drake / Waka.

    Infinite > Recovery

    Relapse > Recovery

    Does Eminem have Ghost Writers?

  • No, i’ve been finding myself listening to his old songs on my ipod and am left to wonder what happened

    But then their are those people that just like recovery and suddenly become his super fan not even knowing about The Slim Shady LP or the other people that hated on him for years and once he sells out they like him

  • I think the same thing especially since he teamed up with these lame * artists! And no one can ever be compared to 2pac!

    Source(s): la sagesse
  • Nope, he mediocre now he hasn’t put out a decent album since 2002

  • No, people have been saying that since Encore where have you been?

    Source(s): @Shady 4 Life – Fail…Mos Def,Black Thought, and Talib Kweli aren’t underground either.
  • no he is hated way too much on here :S ”he only says 2 words in no love” WOW stop there, he spit 200 words in a minute so what the ** are you talkin about? i can tell you have a limited knowledge of hip-hop as you called nas underground LOL and recovery was good, the only reason people on here hate on it is because of ‘love the way you lie’ which is ridiculous, kanye did a song with rhianna, but he dont get bashed for it.


    talib kweli


    mos def

    black thought

    vinnie paz etc.

    Source(s): you are however, like me, entitled to your opinion, i just feel your hating to get approval from ”real hip-hop fans” i listen to some underground, ALOT of 90’s maintream and i havent heard anyone that interests me like eminem, nothin wrong with it, its just my taste
  • He was good now he’s ****. UK Scene much bigger and better.

  • he’s a sellout.

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