Andrea is an accountant who lives in the state of Texas. Which tax is she exempt from?

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  • TX has no state income tax. She’s not exempt, it just doesn’t exist.

  • None. She pays all taxes that are required of her. There are no exemptions from tax merely because she is an accountant.

    While TX does not have a personal income tax, she’s not “exempt” since the tax does not exist. She still pays FICA taxes and federal income taxes as well as sales taxes in TX. She also pays property taxes, either directly if she owns her home or indirectly if she is a renter.

  • she is not exempt from any tax

    there is no state income tax in Texas, she still pays her federal income tax, any sales tax on what she purchases and especially the communication’s taxes on phone and internet

  • None. TX has no state income tax though, but she isn’t exempt from it, it just doesn’t exist.

  • What state are you in

  • No property tax if she is a renter and no state income tax, either. An accountant would know that, however…

  • Again a questionable Question.

    Exempt from WHAT ?

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  • She does not pay State taxes……only federal.

  • None

  • none

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