Another physics problem I can’t solve!?

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An experiment measures how fast a student reacts, a meter stick is dropped from rest falls .2 m before a student catches it. What is the reaction time of the student approximately? The answer is .2 s, but I have no clue how to solve it/:

3 Answers

  • it starts from rest, so the initial velocity is, Vₒ = 0m/s

    it falls a distance of, d = 0.2m

    acceleration due to gravity, a = 10m/s²

    t = ?

    d = Vₒt + ½at²

    0.2 = 0 + ½(10)t²

    0.2 = 5t²

    0.2 / 5 = t²

    0.04 = t²

    √0.04 = t

    0.2 = t

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  • Figure in the speed of gravity

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