Another Stumped one.. Please help?

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My brother has never been to Colorado,

and either have i

nor me

and i also have not

and neither have I….

which one fits better… Thanks. need back asap

9 Answers

  • My brother has never been to Colorado, and neither have I.

  • nor have I

    and neither have I

    you can’t use neither have me, because if you rewrite the sentence with yourself as the primary subject, it would be ” me have never been to Colorado”. In predicaments like this, just try to rewrite the sentence using the second subject as the primary subject to find the best answer.

  • …and neither have I.

    “Nor me” is grammatically incorrect. The use of (n)either depends on affirmative and negative statements. Because you have NEVER been there, you use neither. “..and I also have not” is correct, but more awkward than “and neither have I.”

    Source(s): English Major
  • the last one,and neither have I

  • My grandparents ___ a spacious condo in Vail, which they sold last year.

  • and neither have I

    nor have I

  • and neither have I.

  • and neither have I.

  • jkgk.go

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