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Are there any natural antidiuretics that i can take?

I mean like salt

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  • Em.. Why would you want to? If you are passing water overly frequently then infact you should off and see your doctor.

    You could have a urinary infection, diabetes, etc etc.

    An Antidiuretic would just give you retention, which is not a good idea.

  • Antidiuretics

  • I would also like to know, however it seems that apart from prescription medications there aren’t such foods or whatever 🙂

    I don’t know what is your aim, but in case you want to visit the toilet on fewer occasions, for example :), you can trigger the body’s natural release of antidiuretic hormone by increasing blood’s osmolarity by consuming more salt. That of course isn’t a healthy practice, and is not recommended in long term. More over it will make you thursty and sooner or later you must compensate the water intake and finally to drain the whole excess of stuff. Crazy 😛

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    Are there any natural antidiuretics that i can take?

  • Do you mean diuretics?

    Diuretics will increase urine output.

    Anti-diuretics, I suppose, would …….decrease urine output?

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