Any good rock/emo/metalcore love songs?

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hey pplz…im lookin for sum real good metalcore or rock love songs…and if ur gonna leave stupid comments….open to listen to anything…pleaz….im in the mood to listen to sum good rock love song….

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  • uh maybe i don’t love you by my chemical romance…

    i know lots of metalcore and emo songs but not many love songs

    tears don’t fall by bullet for my valentine is a great metalcore song…lots of screaming lol…and awesome guitar solo…it’s not exactly a love song but uh the lyrics..

    “With blood shot eyes, I watch you sleeping

    The warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading

    Would she hear me, if I called her name?

    Would she hold me, if she knew my shame?

    There’s always something different going wrong

    The path I walk is in the wrong direction

    There’s always someone f***ing hanging on

    Can anybody help me makes things better?

    Your tears don’t fall, they crash around me

    Her conscious calls, the guilty to come home

    Your tears don’t fall, they crash around me

    Her conscious calls, the guilty to come home”

    so yeah good song but don’t know if that’s what you want when ur looking for a love song

  • My Chemical Romance – I Don’t Love You

    Blink 182 – I Miss You

    The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

    Guns ‘n’ Roses – November Rain & Sweet Child O’ Mine

    Also try Bon Jovi, they have literally TONS of amazing love songs, like Always, Never Say Goodbye, and I Am.

  • Chiodos-There’s No Penguins In Alaska


    Tilting The Hourglass-Alesana (I love them, can’t help it)

    Amnesty Please-Norma Jean

    Breaking My Own Heart-Haste The Day

    Blessthefall-Could Tell A Love

    I hope that helps.(:

  • Ohio is for lovers by Hawthorne Heights

    Dogs can Grow Beards all Over by The Devil Wears Prada

    Ambrosia by Alesana

  • Ohio is for Lovers- Hawthorne Heights

    I Dont Love you- M Chemical Romance

    Everything We Had- The Academy is

    Unitended, Plug In Baby-Muse

    Hero/Heroine, The GreatEscape-boys soemthing somthin somthim lol

    Scars, She Loves Me Not, Wanna Be Loved- Papa Roach

    ANY 80’S ROCK MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    any H.I.M cuz they soing nothing BUT love songs cuz they are LOVE-METAL so you get the best of both worlds!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry-Buckcherry

    Source(s): iTunes
  • Don’t put the word Rock next to emo or metalcore.

    If Rock could talk, this is what it would say to you:

    “Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Get it off! Get the crappy music off!”

  • bring me the horizon

    sky eats airplane

    parkway drive

    and fro GOD’S FUKING SAKE!! Hawthorne Heights and My Chemical Romance?!?! you guys are fuking dip ѕнι𝓉s!

  • listen to the whole thing it gets better oh yeah this is by alesana orrrrr u could listen to hey john whats ur name again by the devil wears prada

  • try listening to beatles

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