Any idea what company makes “The best fitting intimates in the WORLD!” panties and bra’s???

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I cannot seem to find them online anywhere! I know I can get luck and sometimes find them at Walmart….but no where else….any ideas?? Thanks.

I’m not sure everyone understands…I am not asking for opinions on who makes the best…that is actually the name on the undies/bras/etc. It actually says The best fitting intimates in the WORLD where there would usually be like Hanes/Fruit of the Loom, etc. I cannot find them anywhere online-a place that sells that brand-that is what I am hoping someone can tell me…thanks again!

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  • I’m looking for them too. My Wal-mart put them all on sale and no longer carry them. I couldn’t find a website that carries them or an actual website that would work for this company but I found an address and phone number. Saramax Apparel Group Inc. makes them. You can go to or but for some reason it kept saying I had to put in a password, then denied me access. Maybe you will have more luck than I did 🙂

    Saramax Apparel Group Inc.

    1372 Broadway. 7th Fl

    New York, NY 10018



    Let me know if you have any luck! It is making me crazy that I can’t find them!

  • Best Fitting Panty

  • Here is a link to another Yahoo question (and answer) on the same subject: Site is down until Sunday. Any orders made between Sunday and Tuesday will receive 15% off the total.

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