Anyone get diarrhea after eating eggs?

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For about a year now, I’ve noticed when I eat certain things like eggs, I’m running to the bathroom with diarrhea. It only lasts for one or two times, but this is a problem. Does this mean I’ve developed an intolerance for eggs? Is this lactose intolerance or something different? Can I still eat eggs, but take a enzyme to help? Many Thanks in advance.

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  • it happens to me all the time! i wasn’t sure if it is because i have sausage with it too or the butter with the toast. its something.

    it may be the grease in cooking it. i just had it plain and toast last time and i was fine. i am glad i am not the only one!

  • Diarrhea After Eating Eggs

  • Eggs Diarrhea

  • I know what you mean it may be a genetic thing it happens to my dad and sometimes to me which is unpleasant. I dont know if there is anything to take before hand but yes you have an intolerance whether to the actual egg or lactose or a protien in the egg it is hard to say if the same symptoms occur when drinking milk or eating cheese then its lactose or if it occurs only sometimes when eating eggs it maybe the way they were cooked like under or with lots of butter or another greasy substance or it could be what you eat with the eggs them selves like if you always eat bacon or sausage with the eggs it may not be eggs at all but yet the grease from the other food so single out what it is that causes the problem and go from there if this is a major problem for you and you cant give up eggs speak to a doctor about what to do and if there isnt any meds to take he will tell you to quit eating eggs so good luck on finding out the bandit

  • I know this is a very old thread but I wanted to insert my two cents on this issue.

    My wife complains about getting diarrhea after eating scrambled eggs at Cracker Barrel restaurant, then today my mother took me there for breakfast and SHE complained of the very same thing. She was shocked how quickly this took effect on her after consuming scrambled eggs from the same restaurant. I don’t think it’s Cracker Barrel’s fault but after looking into this phenomena it appears a lot of people experience this problem and fortunately the restaurant doesn’t seem to be a factor in this.

    When we cook scrambled eggs at home this NEVER happens so I’m guessing it’s something in the way their eggs are prepared. Perhaps they’re not *real* eggs at all or possibly have a component added to them not found in off-the-shelf, store bought eggs vs. what large chain restaurants use?

    Weird . . .

  • I eat fried eggs, bacon and toast every Sunday and all is fine. I eat any other kind of eggs and I immediately get horrid diarrhea. I just read that it is the lack of fiber and certain proteins in eggs that can cause a reaction while eating them. The other sources are salmonella or allergies. I don t understand why fried eggs are okay. Maybe grease saves the day.

  • My chickens are home raised. Good feed and free range around the house almost every day. So I don’t know, my diarrhea isn’t terrible, but hits me within minutes of eating. Usually over ez mixed up in grated potatoes cooked in lots of butter. I Don’t remember a problem with same meal with store bought eggs. We’re going to try a bunch now scrambled with some toast. My wife had one episode too.

  • Make sure you eat potatoes with your eggs then you will not get diarrhea. Tried and tested. Another thing that also helps is eating omega-3 eggs and not these corporate bottom-line eggs that are all white and in abundance at our grocery stores

  • I don’t think that lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs is the same thing but my wife is allergic to milk and eggs along with other things and it makes her have diaharea you can use a antihistamine but if I was you I would jsut stay away from them all together but remember a lot of things have eggs in them. I would see an allergy specialist to get tested.

  • Yep, your allegic. Perhaps you have been eating too many or worked with a chemical that increased your sensitivity. The best thing to do is to stop eatingthem for a while and the sensitivity may go away. Make sure when you get the flu shot that its not egg based by the way.

  • yes, i get diarrhea after eating eggs. i get diarrhea after eating anything actually.. mostly chocolate icecream though.

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