Application says “awaiting screening results” Should I be concerned?

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So I applied and scheduled my appointment on August 29th. Went in took my badge photo, drug test and background check. My potential start date was supposed to be September 15th (today is September 13th) but I haven t heard a word from Amazon or gotten an email. I check my email everyday. I even check my spam email and nothing. Ive been checking the website and it tells me “awaiting screening results” I have 3 friends who all applied after me and they all got their new hire orientation dates scheduled. I m just worried that something might have went wrong with my application or something. Anyone who knows about this situation or who has been through this process please let me know how it went for you. Please and thank you for your time

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2 Answers

  • They are sifting out the best applicants and i am sorry to say that you should be concerned

  • Sounds like they are waiting for the results of either the drug test, or the background.

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