Are 19 inch thighs small?

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I was just wondering if they are small or not?

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  • Not for a pixie.

    The answer to your question will depend on the person with the 19 inch thighs. If they are a petite and slender female, they could be normal. However, for most people, 19 inches around (circumference measured at midthigh) is quite small.

    Go here and enter your wrist size and see what the calculator has to say about the thigh –> . If you have a 5.5″ wrist, your thigh size should be 18.9″ if you have an ideal body. Of course, few people meet the standards for ideal and any such standards are dubious at best anyway.

    Good luck and good health!!

  • If measured at the very top, just below the buttock crease, then yes, that’s definitely small and a typical thigh circumference of a model.

    Generally speaking, a small thigh would be 17-20″, a medium thigh would be 21-24″ and a large thigh would be 25-28″.

  • thats tiny!

    average is like 21-22

    wish my thighs were 19!!!!!!!

  • Yes it is. In fact, they would only look right if you’re a 4’8 girl..

  • That’s fat 10 and below is small


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