Are all liquids able to conduct an electric current?

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  • Simple answer is No,Electricity is a general term encompassing a variety of phenomena resulting from the presence and flow of electric charge. so liquid which are able to allow flow of electric charge would conduct electricity .To allow flow of current liquid should have means to conduct charge particles (electrons anions,cations) in its matrix.Most conductive liquid achieve this by allowing ions to travel through its matrix


    ionic solutions have ions which can travel to direction of negative and positive electrodes.

    water have H+ and OH- to conduct electricity(there is another mechanism in water)

    but most of organic liquid either don’t have ions in it or other means to conduct charge particles so unable to conduct electricity

  • The ability of electrical current to move through a liquid is measured by conductivity. To conduct electricity, there must be charged atoms, or ions, present. Not all liquids contain ions. Salt water does, for example, but sugar water does not.

    So maybe not..

  • no. only ionic compounds can conduct electricity.

  • no

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