are children with same mother but different fathers full or half brother sisters?

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  • Half your genetic material comes from your father, half from your mother.

    If your mother and father conceived you, and your brother or sister, that would make you FULL siblings.

    If your Mum conceived a child with another man, a man not your father, then that child has half your genetic makeup, because his mother is your mother too, but because his father and your father are not the same, he is your HALF brother!

    Simple as half a pie.

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    are children with same mother but different fathers full or half brother sisters?

  • Far as I’m concern when children come from a mothers womb they are whole brothers and sisters. Now if the father have children with different mothers than I’ll say half. That’s the way I see it

  • Half siblings.

    full brother and sister if you have the same father and mother.

  • My mother has been searching for her baby boy for several years that she was forced to give up by her family due to the stigma in the 50 s. They just recently connected and I am super thrilled! She is 76 and my brother and I are 45 and 52- my half brother is 55. I guess he s me half brother and have been communicating with him on Fb a little. He s thrilled and is coming to visit in two weeks! We are all very happy and can t wait to meet him! He always has known he was adopted, and both of his parents have passed. Because he was adopted by an older couple. He told me he s nervous and. Excited and is happy to start a new chapter in his life. This is epic for me and for my family. He s coming to visit in two weeks and of course we don t want to overwhelm him too much. Any advice?

  • Half. My brother and sister have a different dad from me, but we were brought up as full brother and sisters.

    My son has a half brother too, but again, until either of them ask, we won’t bring it up. I want them to have a close relationship like i had growing up, and labelling them as “half brothers” just seems pointless to me.

  • If they have one parent in common, then they’re half brothers or sisters.

  • Half siblings. I have 3 half sisters, but I call them my real sisters. 🙂

  • I have 6 kids. The definitive term doesn’t mean crap. If kids come from one mother and are raised together as I have done, they are brothers and sisters. I don’t raise my kids to label each other as half, step etc. If mommy gave birth and mommy is raising them, then they are brothers and sisters. Period. You cant put half an orange together and half a banana ( half fruits) but they still belong to the fruit family. Point made.

  • As far as we are all concerned, we are a whole family. I have 3 kids from one man and the other 2 from my husband. They are full brother and sister. The man who fathered my first 3 is not even in their lives. They all call my hubby dad and he is the best father any child could ask for. So yes they are full brother and sister!!!

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