are costco churros vegan?

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5 Answers

  • I think it cotains egg.

  • Vegan Churros

  • Costco Churros

  • Ok, first of all, alot of responses you got are dumb. I would agree with all that ‘let live’ stuff, if you hadn’t stated that your friends SAID they are Vegan. You can try to call them and ask them, but most likely, if they really didn’t care enough to stop even when you were there or to at least explain, then I am afraid no one is taking you or Veganism seriously there and you should find some new friends! Also, taking the tray away might have been a little silly. If i had seen that I would have confronted then, and if they would have ignored me like they did I would have told them to have a nice life.

  • No, they have egg (Mexican Doughnut). But for a similar taste, you can go to taco bell and get the cinnamon twists. Those are vegan.

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