Are Mangos supposed to taste like pine tree needles?

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I just ᴘᴇᴇled my 1st mango and it taste like pine tree needles and taste rather bitter.

Are you supposed to let them set for a few days after buying?

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  • No they are supposed to taste fruity and sweet. Mango’s that they import gets picked when they are half-green. Mango’s do not ripen like other fruits the best way to eat them is when they are ripe when you buy them.

  • An unripe mango would taste overly tart, it would also be hard and the skin would probably be green. You really don’t know much about mangoes, but you have to wait until it ripens and softens a little, they taste sweet and tart and absolutely delicious. Sorry your first experience was not all that great, but you ate a green mango.

  • No, not at all. if you have eaten it soon after you bought it, the chances are that it’s still unripe.

    Mangos are delicious when properly ripe, they should give in a little when you prod them with your finger, same as avocados, and the skin should ᴘᴇᴇl away easily just using your hands, almost like a banana.

  • Guess I learned my Mango was not ripe enough.

    Maybe that why it didn t cut easily and I seemed to leave a lot on the ᴘᴇᴇl.

  • Mangoes and pine oil share 5 out of 6 chemicals in common – α-pinene, β-pinene, limonene, myrcene and camphene. So, it’s no surprise.

  • We never eat our Xmas tree,it always gets recycled mate.

  • ummm no…

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