Are rats able to eat red cherries?

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  • Yes, rats can eat cherries, just don’t let them eat the pits as

    fruit seeds, pits, and kernels have cyanide and/or αɾꜱεnic in them. Be specifically careful with peach, apricot and cherry pits.

    A note on feeding red foods, like cherries, to rats. Do not be alarmed when you see red stools or red stain on your rats’ bedding. Many a rat-keeper has nearly fainted at the sight of what looks like blood, but it’s not, It’s just the stain of the cherry juice. Same thing happens when you feed your rats strawberries, raspberries, and cooked kidney beans.


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  • Can Rats Eat Cherries

  • Yes, they also eat: apples, peaches, tomatoes, carambolas, bananas, pineapples and mangos,blueberries, figs, g ɾąքҽ s, strawberries, lichees, Surinam cherry, loquat, and dates.However, they cant digest fruit well, it is better to give them veggies instead. My rats enjoy them. If I give them any non-organic produce, I ᴘᴇᴇl it after I wash it. They only get pieces of cherry, as I’m not sure whether the pits have any harmful alkaloids and Im pretty sure a rat could break into a cherry pit with no problem.

    Hope I helped!!

  • Our rats enjoy them. If I give them any non-organic produce, I ᴘᴇᴇl it after I wash it. They only get pieces of cherry, as I’m not sure whether the pits have any harmful alkaloids or whatever & obviously a rat could break into a cherry pit with no problem.

  • Yes, I think, not wild ones though

    Here is a partial list of things I know they will eat:


    apple tree bark


    pear tree bark




    tulip bulbs


    lady’s slipper roots

    seeds of any kind…grass seed, pumpkin seeds etc.




    black beans

    white beans

    navy beans

    kidney beans



    cookies (Oreos… if they can get them…)

    olive oil

    corn oil




    macadamia nuts


    macaroni (cooked or uncooked)

    dog foods (a favorite because it is somewhat of an antidote to some mouse

    poisons…BUT NOT FOR HUMANS!!!)

    cat foods

    I would write more but my brain is tired. Yes, everything is safe!

    Hope I helped!!

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  • Brings me lower back to the summer season, whilst Bing Cherries are in season! i could like it if existence have been basically a bowl of cherries (it may well be greater relaxing than mine is nice now, and that i could stay it to the fullest).

  • Rodents can eat most types of fruit, but it is not the best for them. It is better to give them veggies instead. Even small bits of cooked meat once in a while is okay.

  • Our rats have eaten just about everything –

    eggs, bacon, canned peas, candy canes, cooked spagetti (favorite) and raw, carrots, ice cream, cookies, and potato chips.

    Yup, just about everything.

  • yes mine do well they eat cheeries but jst to make sure check it out on the net

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