Are there any successful figure skaters who started late?

Are there any successful figure skaters that picked up figure skating late, like at age 13 or 14? Do you think it is possible to be successful at it if I work hard? I haven’t had any experience in figure skating, but it seems like a really fun sport. Thanks.

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  • Johnny Weir Started at 12! I think you should go for it! Im 14 and i have been skating 8 months and im starting doubles! but if you really want to be successful.. skating is not an easy sport it requires hours of practice on and off ice. you really have to give up everything for it! but its totally worth it 🙂

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  • I started figure skating at age 13 and I am now 15. I have a salchow, toe loop, sit spin, and a scratch spin. I compete in synchronized skating on the open juvenile level and I am going to compete in showcase. I consider myself successful and I plan on skating up through college and I help coach junior club. I think you can start late and learn how to skate and become great at what you do but don’t expect olympics or even worlds. Nationals is a huge possibility depending on what you compete in. I think synchronized skating is a late starters best shot. good luck

  • Adam Rippon: Age 10

    Jennifer Kirk: Age 10

    Johnny Weir: Age 12

    Sorry, that’s all I know of.

    Figure skating may sound fun, but it requires sweat, blood, and tears. If you really want to skate, you’re going have to virtually give up your whole life.

  • that’s to no longer late to start competing regionally, i began at 14, yet regrettably it extremely is maximum possibly to late to be a expert determine skater. yet why no longer initiate training and notice in case you will want to do skating for relaxing?

  • Yes there are a lot actually =) my friend started when she was 16, shes 17 now and is landing axels and everything.

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