Are you aloud to wear spurs for your cowboy boots?

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Or is it illegal? Thank you kindly.

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  • spurs are not illegal to wear, the only time they are not allowed is during competition when the rules regulate the type of spur or rowel but the rules will specify which ones are allowed by shape, shank angle and rowel size and design. around where i live it is not uncommon to see Cowboys/Cowgirls and other riders doing their shopping with them on. most Cowboys/Cowgirls never take their spurs off of a pair of boots that they wear for riding.

  • Cowboy Boots With Spurs

  • If your in America? it not illegal. i come from a rodeo background. But you should only where them if you are actually going to be using them, and using them properly.. other wise you will just look like a poser…

    ive never heard of spurs being illegal? People think they are bad because they hurt an animal, but if you use them correctly it actually just adds more pressure then when your foot can do, Just buy rolling it over the horses body. You never are supposed to “jab” a horse.. But allot of people dont know how to use them correctly so thats why people think they are so bad

    – Just a little bit about spurs! 🙂

  • If you wear them for fashion it’s ok but it is illegal to wear them while riding

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