Ark Breeding Calculator

What is an Ark Breeding Calculator?

An Ark Breeding Calculator is a tool that helps players of the popular game Ark: Survival Evolved to determine the optimal breeding combinations for dinosaurs and other creatures in the game. By inputting specific information about the creatures being bred, such as their level, stats, and desired mutations, players can use the calculator to predict the outcome of the breeding process and plan their breeding strategies accordingly.

How Does an Ark Breeding Calculator Work?

Ark Breeding Calculator

Ark Breeding Calculators use complex algorithms to analyze the genetic information of the creatures being bred and predict the likelihood of certain traits being passed down to offspring. These calculators take into account factors such as creature levels, stats, mutations, and breeding pair combinations to generate accurate breeding predictions. By using an Ark Breeding Calculator, players can save time and resources by breeding only the most desirable creatures and avoiding failed breeding attempts.

Benefits of Using an Ark Breeding Calculator

There are several benefits to using an Ark Breeding Calculator in Ark: Survival Evolved. Some of the key advantages include:

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1. Optimal Breeding Combinations

By using a breeding calculator, players can determine the best breeding combinations for their creatures to maximize desired traits and stats. This can lead to the creation of stronger and more powerful creatures that are better suited for various in-game activities such as combat or resource gathering.

2. Time and Resource Savings

Breeding creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. By using a breeding calculator to plan breeding strategies in advance, players can save time and resources by breeding only the most promising combinations and avoiding unsuccessful breeding attempts.

3. Mutation Tracking

Ark Breeding Calculators can also track mutations in creatures, allowing players to keep track of which traits have been successfully passed down through breeding. This can help players create new and unique creatures with rare mutations that can give them a competitive edge in the game.

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How to Use an Ark Breeding Calculator

Using an Ark Breeding Calculator is simple and straightforward. Players can input information about the creatures they want to breed, such as their levels, stats, and desired mutations, into the calculator to generate breeding predictions. Players can then use this information to plan their breeding strategies and optimize their creature breeding process.

Popular Ark Breeding Calculators

There are several popular Ark Breeding Calculators available for players to use in Ark: Survival Evolved. Some of the most widely used calculators include:

1. Survive-ARK

Survive-ARK is a popular Ark Breeding Calculator that offers a user-friendly interface and accurate breeding predictions. This calculator allows players to input detailed information about their creatures and receive breeding recommendations based on the genetic data provided.

2. Dododex

Dododex is another popular Ark Breeding Calculator that offers a wide range of features for players to use. In addition to breeding predictions, Dododex also provides information about creature taming, feeding, and other useful tips for players to utilize in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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3. A-Calc

A-Calc is a comprehensive Ark Breeding Calculator that offers detailed information about breeding combinations, mutations, and stats for creatures in the game. This calculator is regularly updated with new features and improvements to help players optimize their breeding strategies.


Using an Ark Breeding Calculator in Ark: Survival Evolved can greatly enhance the breeding experience for players by providing accurate breeding predictions and recommendations. By utilizing these calculators, players can save time and resources, track mutations, and create stronger and more powerful creatures to use in the game. Whether players are breeding dinosaurs for combat, resource gathering, or other activities, an Ark Breeding Calculator is an essential tool for success in Ark: Survival Evolved.