Arrange the following complexes in order of increasing splitting Δο and give reasons.?

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[Fe(OH2)6]2 +






(en = ethane-1,2-diamine)

2 Answers

  • [FeF6]3- < [Fe(OH2)6]2+ < [Ni(en)3]2+ < [Fe(CN)6]4- < [Fe(CN)6]3- < [Rh(NH3)6]3+

    The first four are all metal ions in the +2 state; therefore, you compare them based on the strength of the ligand (F < OH2 < en < CN). Then, for the iron complexes containing the same ligands the splitting increases with oxidation number (Fe2+ < Fe3+). Finally, rhodium is also 3+, but because it is a 4d metal, its splitting is almost twice as large as that of Fe3+. Since the splitting attributed to CN is only ~ 1.4 times that of NH3, we can see the rhodium complex will have a larger splitting than any of the other metal complexes.


    Chapter 8 from Inorganic Chemistry by Gary Wulfsberg.

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