“As are you” meaning?

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Is it true that if someone says, “you are stubborn” and you reply “as are you,” you are validating or admitting that you are stubborn and then calling them stubborn as well? My fiance thinks that if I say something to him and he replies “as are you” or “as do you” that does not mean that he is agreeing that he is what I said. He thinks by saying “as are you” he is merely saying that he thinks I am stubborn, but that doesn’t mean he is agreeing that he his stubborn too. I disagree and feel that “as are you” is the same as saying “so are you.”

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Please help.

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  • “As” is a word of comparison (e.g. “Sly as a fox”) when used in this way. So the use of the word “as” in this setting implies a comparison. Since the only person to whom your fiance directly mentions is you and since the preceding sentence contained only one subject (namely him) then there is an implied comparison between him and you. He would need to introduce another subject of comparison in order to have his “as” refer to someone other than himself.

    “As” can also be used to express actions happening in the current time (e.g. “As I was skiing down the hill I noticed a tree rapidly approaching.”) and, when used to do so, it does not imply any comparisons, but that is not how your husband is using it.

    In short, you are correct. But the best advice might be not to argue about it or confront him with these opinions, but rather to take simple satisfaction in the fact that every time he comes back with “as are you” you know that, in truth, you’ve already won the argument. lol !

  • Same thing just a stubborn way to say it or just more annoying way to say it

  • as are you –> u agree ur stubborn and telling the person he/she is stubborn just like u !!

  • You are correct. When one says, “As are you,” without first denying the original statement, it admits the original statement and then adds that the same is true of the other person.

  • No, you’re right. If you say “as are you”

    It means: I am (stubborn, nerdy etc..) “as” you are

    (stubborn, nerdy etc..)

  • As Do You

  • You are correct.

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