At steak n Shake are you supposed to tip your waiter even though its fast food?

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  • Steak and Shake is not considered a fast food restaurant. It is a full service restaurant with a wait staff. They deserve the same percentage of tip you would give anywhere based on quality of service. Minimum of 15% for adequate service to 20 or more percent for better to superior service.

  • That’s not true. Steak n’ Shake has an actual waitstaff. Any place that has a waitstaff (someone who actually waits on you the whole time and brings your food and drinks to you) is not “fast food”. Fast food is a place where you just order at a counter and pick up the food yourself. Employees at fast food places get paid at least minimum wage and don’t expect tips. But actual servers get paid about 2-4 dollars an hour with the expectation that they’ll get tips for the service they provide. So not tipping them is pretty rude, unless they gave you really bad service.

  • This post is from so long ago, but I work at Steak ‘n Shake and rarely get tips because of the fact people think it’s like a McDonald’s. As a waitress at Steak ‘n Shake I only make 4 dollars an hour, because we are expected to be tipped. Kind of ꜱᴜcκs but it’s a job. So yes, please tip your Steak ‘n Shake waiters and waitresses.(:

  • As a server now at steak and shake(acknowledging that this post is dead as well), i make $2.13 an hour but usually do very well for myself off tips. As a server i fully encourage you to tip your server, even if it’s just two dollars. However, i’ve also had co-workers that were horrible servers and therefore as a person, i’m going to say base your tip on how well they treat you. 1$ per person is the standard rate that i shoot for all my tables, though i try very hard to do everything i can for the 20% of the ticket. Either is fine, and in the end it’s your call.

  • Steak And Shake Gluten Free

  • Steak n Shake is more like fast food. The shakes are great though!

  • It does not matter if its fast food or fine dining. If you have a waiter/waitress that tends to you and your needs, yes they must be tipped. Restaurant servers make very little money per hour and they rely on tips to make a living.

  • How is it that the main point has COMPLETELY eluded most of the answers and comments? Jesus…can someone that ACTUALLY WORKS AT STEAK AND SHAKE CHIME IN and tell us if you get paid a waiter wage, or a standard minimum or higher wage please? Because THAT will answer the question.

  • Tipping the server has very little to do with the dining establishment and more to do with the quality of service from the wait staff.

  • I didn’t tip at fast and casual restaurants.

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