At the end of Grey’s Anatomy thursday, who is bob verne that they were say in memory of?

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  • It’s one of the writers, Krista Vernoff’s, father.

    “The card at the end of this hour of TV that read “In memory of Bob Verne” was a tribute to my father. He died six years ago at the age of 56 after a very short battle with esophageal cancer.

  • Thank you Lord Z for posting that reply, I just watched the last 15 minutes of Thursdays episode and asked the same uestion “gee, how sad i wonder who Bob Verne is” Grey’s is a great show. Its genuine and sincere and can make me laugh and cry as so many of life’s moments do. I am not yet a member of the “dead Dad’s club” but as my parents age i find myself closer and closer. Just this week I found out my mom who is 73 has a tumor on her lung that is 99 % probability cancerous so this episode brought tears from the deepest parts of me… Call your parents people – don’t ever think it doesn’t matter, it always does.

  • Abi’s right. But to add on it a bit… Krista Vernoff’s father was in a very similar situation with George’s dad. He had a heart & liver problem and also begged the surgeons to remove the cancer regardless of how extensively it spread. That, the urine obsession, and more were very autobiographical of the writer. The story was more than just a dedication to Bob Vernoff.

    (Apparently, he also did a film back in the 80s – “Cavegirl”… never heard of it, though, so I don’t know what it’s about)

  • I don’t know! Maybe the episode was based on a true story and he was George’s dad…

  • He was the father of one of the show’s producers.

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