At what phase are the tides least noticeable?

a) third quarter

b) waning gibbous

c) waxing crescent

d) new Moon

e) full Moon

Is it new Moon because at that time we can’t “see” the moon?

Please explain to me! thx~~

5 Answers

  • Just because we can’t see the moon doesn’t mean its not there.

    At new moon and at full moon, the moon and the sun are in a fairly straight line running through the Earth, so the tides are more noticeable at those times. The sun and the moon are working together to create higher and lower tides.

    When the moon is quarter (first or third) the 3 objects make a right-angle triangle (with the Earth at the right angle) and the sun’s tidal influence is partly negated by the moon’s.

  • It has nothing to do with “seeing” the moon. It has to do with how the sun and the moon mutually exert tidal distortion on the Earth.

    The moon is the dominate tidal influence. The moon’s tidal influence is about twice that of the sun.

    Remember, tides are due to a non-uniform gravitational field, squishing and squashing on a body in free motion within the gravitational field.

    The most tidal distortion on Earth occurs when both the moon and the sun and the Earth all lie in a straight line. AND, it doesn’t matter what order they are in this line. It helps if the moon is at perigee in its orbit as well…if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry…it isn’t completely significant.

    This alignment occurs roughly when there is either full moon or new moon. It isn’t needed to precisely be an eclipse…just a rough alignment.

    So, full and new moon phases are when the tides are most extreme. We call these, spring tides, because the ocean seems to have the most “springiness”.

    The intermediate phases of the moon are the two half phases of the moon…the first AND the third quarter phases. This is when the tides relax the most, due to the sun’s tidal distortion being perpendicular to the moon’s tidal distortion, and sort of making the gravitational field on Earth a little more uniform on an overall basis.

    We call these lesser extent tides…neep tides.

  • Spring tides at full and new are very noticeable, as well as neap tides when the moon is at quarter. Although it was said that what the moon looks like has nothing to do with it, it actually has everything to do with it because it tells us where the moon is in relationship to the sun. straight lines and right angles cause the most tidal disturbance, whereas the gibbous and crescent are in between the 180 and 90 degree mark. Storms can also have a small effect at times and local hurricanes can really shake things up.

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  • a) third quarter

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