“Awaiting additional delivery information from recipient” what should i do and what does this mean?

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i’m waiting for my watch for 2 weeks, but i didn’t know that i have to give them the signature, so now i got 3 attempts, and when i check the website, it said, “Awaiting additional delivery information from recipient”, but i don’t know what to do to receive my watch. will it be returned and repaid me the money? i tried calling them, but they don’t understand what i’m talking about because of my heavy accent. i wan to go to the nearest fedex location but i don’t how to tell them about my problem.

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  • If you have had 3 delivery attempts then the package is at the local Fedex station and will be returned to the shipper or destroyed if the shipper doesn’t want it back. You have 2 business days after the last delivery before Fedex does something with it. If there was a phone number on the package they probably tried calling you too. You better hurry down to the station or call, their 800# may have someone who speaks your native language.

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