Based on the first and fourth sketches (Part C figure) , what is the density of the block?

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The block was originally 50.0 grams. Here is the Part C figure…….

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  • Hi Andrew!

    My suggestion is as follows:

    The difference among the two weights corresponds to that of the liquid that has been moved, that is a quantity of liquid whose volume is equal to that of the solid in examination.

    ……………………… weight in air

    Density = —————————————————

    ……………(weight in air – weight in the liquid)

    ……………50/(50 – 5.6) = 50/44.4 = 1.12612 g/cm^3

    In conclusion, the density is for definition the ratio between the weight in air of a solid and the loss of weight that happens when it is dipped in a liquid.

    Bye from Italy,


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