BeefaRoni Jingle Lyrics?

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Anyone recall the lyrics to this old jingle:

We’re having BeefaRoni

Its made with macaroni,

BeefaRoni, — — —

BeefaRoni, — — —

BeefaRoni, — — —

Yeah for BeefaRoni


4 Answers

  • We’re having Beefaroni, Beef and macaroni, Beefaroni’s full of meat, Beefaroni’s really neat, Beefaroni’s fun to eat, Hooray for Chef Boyardee!

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    Oh I wish!… Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner! That is what I truly wish to be! ’cause if I were an Oscar Meyer weiner! Then everyone would be in love with me!

  • Beef-A-Roni’s fun to eat

    Beef-A-Roni’s really neat

    Beef-A-Roni’s quite a treat



    For Beef-A-Roni

    Thank you, King of the Hill!! (s5e18 @ 13:38)

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