benadryl with alcohol?

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i know your not supposed to mix medicine with alcohol. i want to know what would happen if someone does drink while medicated on something like 1 or 2 benadryls. is it dangerous/fatal? what would be the effects?

what if i someone would take 2 pills of benadryl and drank a a glass of hypnotiq mixed with sprite like 30 mins later. would this be dangerous?

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  • The active ingredient in antihistamine drugs is diphenhydramine. Common side effects of diphenhydramine include profound drowsiness, ataxia (motor impairment), tachycardia (irregular heartbeat), and blurred vision. Likely you have experienced at least some of these effects while on an antihistamine. I am not sure of the warning label, but surely something is mentioned about not driving or operating heavy machinery (now you see why).

    Alcohol similarly depresses the central nervous system, and mixing the two drugs should be avoided simply because they act on the same systems. Death should not occur, except in extremely careless cases where overdose is intended. The overall effect of mixing alcohol with diphenhydramine is an amplification of side effects of both drugs.

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  • The effect is extreme relaxation and drowsiness. If you should not operate a motor vehicle when taking Benadryl or alcohol, you should definitely not do so if you take both, for the effect is simply amplified.

  • If you took the benadryl 12 hours ago then yes, it would be okay if you drank alcohol now.

  • Mixing the two in high doses is just like any other drug of course it’s dangerous. Have a few drinks take 25mg and relax. In small doses they compliment each other well.

  • all i know i took it once with alcohol and i got a good high:)

  • Benadryl causes drowsiness. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. So, if you took benadryl with alcohol, you will be sleeping for more than 8 hours. It will sedate you! Doing this is dangerous…it may result to oversedation…which may lead to respiratory distress…which is very fatal.

  • There’s a small increase in the risk of oversedation in which case you might forget to breathe. Last I checked, breathing was important. But that’s just my perspective.

  • Death

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