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I have one tomorrow and was wondering exactly what do you do there and how long do you have to work to earn a blue shirt?? the GM wrote Portable Electronics on my form when she hired me so what equipment exactly does that deal with?

yea, at the end is their any test they give you that u have to pass or something?

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  • I went through orientation not too long ago…. they go through all their policies and benefits… they make you watch stupid best buy videos… they ask if you have any questions… they go through the selling process and how to treat customers as well as the different types of customers you will get… the go over their warranties ( Black tie protection) and teach you a little bit about Geek squad… takes about a month to get your blue shirt… I believe that the portable electronics are the GPS systems… Ipods….movies…. games…. MP3 players… all that kind of stuff… It could be different from store to store though.. so I’m not sure… If ya have any more questions just add details to this question… I know when I came on here to ask about best buy and the hiring process no one ever answered my question.

    edit: Vincent, they have Wireless specialists that deal with the cell phones. You have to go to a special training for them… but everything else you listed sounds about right…

    there is no big test at the end… you will have to take “certifications” on one of their computers during down time in the store… all you do is read about a product and take a short multiple choice quiz at the end…. you can take the quiz as many times as you want to get a “passing grade”

    oh, and I saw your other question regarding their discount… it’s cost plus 5%… on non-bestbuy branded items it ususally doesn’t take off a whole lot… on a game it would probably only take off about 5 bucks…however…dealers do sometimes have extended deals and discounts for best buy employees… like on a 32 inch lcd tv with the vendor’s extended discount the price of the tv would only be about $400 bucks… quite a deal if you ask me…

  • Best Buy Orientation

  • Ah the evil blue empire, lol. Yes you get paid for you orentiation. It will probably be about 4 hours long with a 15 minute break. You will listen to different team managers the store GM. And watch videos.

  • I do not know the answer to the first question. But as for portable electronics, these can include cameras, video recorders, mp3 players, cell phones, hand held video game machines and other devices such as these.

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